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Goddess Sessions

Session 1: Eos Transformation


Goddess of the Dawn, Transformation, and New Beginnings.  In this session start shifting into your whole, connected, self-empowered state of being.  Experience liberation by connecting with other women. Unearth the roots of not being good enough and perfectionism.  Lets start connecting instead of comparing.

Session 2: Quan Yin Transformation


Goddess of Compassion, Kindness, and the Female Body.  Together we explore body positivity and body shame.   Process our experiences with our natural cycles and changes.  Explore how negative messages of how women should look have impacted our states of well-being.   Experience transformation as we shed the illusion.

Session 3: Hathor Transformation


Goddess of Motherhood, Women, and Fertility.   In this session we address mother healing.  Examine the impact of messages we have received from our own mothers.  Together we address motherhood, our conscious choices of whether or not to be a mother, fertility issues, and our reproductive rights.  Heal and stand strong as we embrace womanhood.

Session 4: Aphrodite Transformation


Goddess of Love, Beauty, Pleasure, and Passion.   We explore our feminine and goddess essence.  Explore our understanding of femininity and its interplay on both our personal and professional relationships.  We work on healing our relationship with ourselves and how to protect our well-being in our relationships with others.  Identify ways we can bring more pleasure, love, confidence, and passion into our lives. 

Session 5: Hectate Transformation


Goddess of the Female Elder, the Healer, and Wisdom.  We utilize this group to access our internal wisdom and intuition.  Here we enter into the final phase synthesizing the knowledge that we have learned.  We practice cultivating our voices and access our internal power.  We unleash our Woman Goddess. 

Becoming Goddess format


Through this five week program we discuss topics relating to our femininity and womanhood.  Each week includes an introduction to the goddess, a guided meditation invoking the qualities of that goddess, followed by a safe connected processing.