Are You Ready for Goddess Transformation?

- Are you tired of feeling you are not good enough or have the need to be perfect? -Do you want to live as your best version of your authentic self? -Do you want increased self-love, self-confidence,and self-esteem? ...sign up to receive 10 signs you are ready for transformation. We will also include five self-empowerment tips you can use right now!

Become the Goddess you are meant to be


Express YOUR voice and experience YOUR inner Power!  Together we will learn to empower ourselves by boosting resilience, practicing self-compassion, and having positive self-reflection


Together, we share our individual and collective experiences in a  safe, group environment.  We learn to view ourselves and other women through a lens of connection, instead of comparison or competition.


Step into your inner Goddess by shedding old, self-limiting beliefs about yourself and your capabilities.  You are a Goddess!  Together we push past societal barriers and create new paradigm shifts.

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Our Becoming Goddess processing groups are designed to encompass topics women face everyday.  In our group we all Empower, Connect and Transform!

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Created by Nicole Calton


Nicole Calton MA, LMHC, CH

She's been practicing in clinical metal health for seven years.  Nicole is  passionate about advocacy and social justice and started her work in the human service field over 20 years ago.  She has developed a program targeting the needs of low-income single mothers as well as publishing articles on mental health and wellness.